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Getting ISO 14001 Certified in Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

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You must focus on and reduce the impacts your organization is having on the environment. However, it could be hard for you to address and eradicate such problems on your own. But Getting ISO 14001 Certified in Omaha, Nebraska (NE) can help.

Developing or formalizing EMS (Environmental Management System), ISO 14001 provides better periodic compliance. It is considered an effective framework that can help you reduce your organization’s impact on the environment.

ISO-14001-Certified-omaha ne

Who is ISO 14001 for?

Whatever the type, size, or nature of the organization, ISO 14001 is applicable for all. Part of the ISO 14000 family, ISO 14001 is an impulsive international standard that confronts risks and opportunities. So, if you care for the environment and improve your image in the market, you should get your organization ISO 14001 certified.

However, for getting certified, you’ll need the help of IQC The ISO Pros. It’s because such standards are updated every few years. And is important to know about and implement these updates. So, even if you are certified with ISO14001, you may still need to implement the new guidelines.

A revised version of 14001

The 2015 revision of ISO 14001 enlists various changes from previous ones. A few of them are:

  • Extension in EMS scope and spectrum.
  • Requirements for leadership engagement and interactions with external parties.
  • Improved legal obedience requirements.
  • Need for risk-based planning and controls
  • Expanded operational control requirements
  • Influences on the inner audit program

Companies that have already attained ISO 14001 credentials are encouraged to transition to the updated 2015 version. A three-year evolution period is provided to institutions to update their environmental management systems to the new standard. So, are you registered? If not, contact us, the IQC The ISO Pros in Omaha, Nebraska (NE).

Blend of ISO 9001 and 14001

Integration of elements of ISO 14001 with 9001 provides synergy and improves efficiency.

  • Integrating management systems norms can intensify focus while diminishing confusion. Moreover, components of ISO 9001 can be enhanced with affiliated elements of ISO 14001.
  • Tasks for the combined standards may include:
  • Providing sufficient resources.
  • Organizing documentation of both precepts in a single document control system.
  • Policy statement drafting and quantifiable goals.
  • Appointment of a management representative plus coordinators for the quality and environmental systems.

Adding ISO 14001 components to those of 9001 must catalog in a way that imposes all the environmental impacts and meets the government and customers’ expectations. 

Benefits of ISO 14001

Along with environmental management systems, ISO 14001:2015 has many other benefits for the organization. It not only improves resource efficiency but also ensures that environmental impact is assessed.

It allows organizations to gain a competitive advantage in the supply chain. ISO 14001 boosts new business opportunities plus helps in meeting legal obligations. From enhancing stakeholders to customer trust, ISO 14001 certification enables you to prosper with consistency.

Companies implementing ISO 14001 have gained fame across various regions, including water consumption and reduced energy, a systematic method to legal compliance, and a preferable all-around environmental performance.  

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits and want to get certified, we can help. IQC The ISO Pros in Omaha, Nebraska (NE) can help you with whatever you need. So, call now!

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